Israeli Airline Sends Love To Britney Spears By Recreating The Iconic 'Toxic' Music Video

It's 2004 all over again.

We've already seen "Toxic" by Britney Spears covered in a retro-inspired way by Postmodern Jukebox as well as acoustically by celebrities such as Ashley Tisdale — but this takes it to a higher plane. El Al, an Israeli airline, has recreated the song's iconic music video in anticipation of the singer's upcoming concert in Tel Aviv on July 3.

The original music video — which was directed by Joseph Kahn, debuted in January 2004, and currently has more than 266 million views on YouTube — was set on a plane and features a James Bond-esque spy storyline, so it was a match made in heaven for El Al and its fabulous flight attendants. The result is a super cool take on a true classic.

The clip opens with an exterior shot of an El Al airplane and quickly takes you down the aisle as we meet the airline host who kicks off all of the fun. Then we're introduced to a slew of airline hostesses who show off their subtle-yet-effective dance moves while doing normal duties such as pointing out exits, handing out blankets, and serving beverages.

It's a lovely tribute to the princess of pop. The only complaint is that it's only 80 seconds long — far too short considering just how entertained and nostalgic it makes us all feel.


Rewatch the original music video:

Now watch El Al's spoof music video:

(H/T: Variety)

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