Watch Britney Spears Prank Jimmy Kimmel With A Late-Night Dance Party

What a wake-up call!

A Britney Spears fan recently revealed the heartfelt letter he received from the star that changed his life for the better. 

This week, talk show host Jimmy Kimmel got a very different surprise from the singer. It may not have changed his life, but it definitely changed his evening.

You might remember April Fools' Day 2015, when Rihanna conspired with Jimmy's wife Molly McNearney to wake him up in the middle of the night with an impromptu performance of "Bitch Better Have My Money." This time it was Britney's turn to put on a show.

Considering how many pranks Jimmy pulls on other people, he should really be prepared for something like this 24/7.


To help her accomplish her stealth mission, Britney enlisted a few of her dancers and a colorful strobe light.

Jimmy's reaction says it all.

Although Jimmy was understandably disoriented at the time, he donned his robe to come downstairs and give Britney a hug when it was all over.

Back at the studio, Jimmy shared that Britney's new album Glory comes out August 26. 

"I don't know why I'm giving her a plug for that," he joked. "I should be calling the police on her!"

Unfortunately for the rest of us, the album doesn't come with a personal wake-up call.

Check out Britney's prank below:


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