Terrifying 'Britain's Got Talent' Act Sends Judges Into A Frenzy

Not even Simon Cowell could watch.

Alexandr Magala has had his fair share of fame on talent shows, but nothing compares to what he did on Britain's Got Talent this week. 

"I don't want to ask you what it is, but is it dangerous?" judge Simon Cowell asked before Magala started his act. 

"Oh yeah," Magala said. 

"On a scale of 1 to 10, how dangerous?" Cowell asked. 

"I'm pretty much risking my life in front of you guys," Magala said confidently.

And he wasn't lying. The 26-year-old Magala proceeded with his sword-swallowing act, but coupled it with a flip and a gymnast routine on a pole in the center of the stage. The act was so life-threatening and graphic that the programming watchdog, the Office of Communications (Ofcom), received 28 complaints from viewers. "We'll assess these complaints before deciding whether to investigate or not," an Ofcom spokesperson told Express

During his performance, a "do not try this at home" warning ran on the bottom of the screen. Twitter users found the warning pretty unnecessary.


Check out the death-defying act below ... and please do not try this at home or anywhere else!


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