This Kid Genius Returns To 'Ellen' And Can’t Wait To Share Her Knowledge About Scientists

That's Antoine-Laurent de Lavoisier, obviously.

It's been a minute since kid genius Brielle appeared on The Ellen Show. Since then, she's lost a few teeth, turned 6 years old, and started taking hip-hop classes.

Now, Brielle is finally back on the show, and she's ready to share some of her new knowledge with Ellen DeGeneres' audience. Brielle explains that she's taken an interest in scientists, and she has a few favorites. First, she identifies Antoine-Laurent de Lavoisier.

"He recognized and named hydrogen and oxygen on the periodic table," Brielle explains. "But he's best known for knowing what oxygen does in combustion."

"Wow, OK," DeGeneres responds with laughter from the audience.

Next up, Brielle names Daniel Bernoulli:


"His principle explains how airplanes fly. It's because of the shape of the wing," Brielle says. "The wing is shaped so that the air flows faster over the top of the wing and slower underneath."

"It's like the air has a little slide to go down," she adds. 


Brille then goes on to talk about astronomer Galileo Galilei and scientist Isaac Newton, clearly impressing both the talk show host and the audience. You can check it all out in the video below:

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