5-Year-Old Brielle Presents Her Best Health Tips In Another Adorable Segment On 'Ellen'

"How do I look in these glamourous sunglasses?"

Ellen's 5-year-old expert, Brielle, has wowed audiences with her knowledge of the periodic table, world countries, and biology, too. Her adorable demeanor has landed her her own series on Ellen Tube appropriately entitled, She's Brielle-iant.

Now, Brielle's back to present us with some of her best health tips, including the importance of a healthy diet and exercise, among other things.

"You also need to protect yourself from the sun," she says. "Wear sunscreen and sometimes sunglasses, too." 

Brielle also talks about vitamins and minerals, and the different foods you can eat to ensure that you're getting the ones you need. 

"You can find Vitamin C in apples, bananas, and even oranges," she says. "Vitamin C is important for healthy bones, teeth, gums, and blood vessels. And it helps with brain function." 

And while Brielle's tips may be simple, they are just the reminders we need to help us live our healthiest, best lives.

Check it out in the full video below for more:


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