Brie Larson Asked Her Twitter Followers What Kind Of World They Want To Live In. Here's What They Said.

"Finish this sentence ..."

Brie Larson started a powerful conversation on Twitter Wednesday afternoon. 

The Oscar-winning actress, who recently starred in Kong: Skull Island, asked her followers to finish a sentence beginning with the phrase, "I want to live in a world where ..."


That simple blank space inspired countless inspiring responses that ranged from personal wishes to far-reaching hopes for the future of humanity and the planet. 

Many shared their desire for greater respect and equality between people, regardless of differences. Others looked toward body positivity, financial stability, and just plain kindness. And, of course, there were a few funny answers as well. After all, don't most of us want to eat more chocolate?

Larson retweeted several of her fans' responses to her own page. Check out some of the tweets she chose, as well as a few of our own favorites, below:

This isn't even the first time in recent weeks that Larson has looked to her fans for inspiration. On International Women's Day earlier this month, she asked followers to share "a moment you grew as a woman, or a woman who helped you grow."

The actress also participated in the Women's March in January, and has spoken out on social media in support of organizations such as Planned Parenthood, and against the Trump administration's recent policies. 

We love to see celebrities like Larson using their platform to discuss important issues, and can't wait to see what other conversation-starters she might share in the future.

Cover image via Instagram

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