After Accusations Of Her Being 'Anorexic,' This Model Shuts Down The Haters With One Instagram Photo

Tell 'em, lady.

Say hello to Bridget Malcolm.


Last week, this Australian Victoria's Secret model posted an Instagram photo of herself in a bikini, showing off her slender toned body.

And while most of us might think "Whoa — nice abs," other Instagram users weren't as kind with their words. A whole bunch of offensive comments were left under the photo, calling Malcolm "a terrible role model for young girls" and asking "to throw a burger at her before she starves to death."

But the Victoria's Secret model was not about to stay quite. She responded with the photo below, calling to stop skinny shaming.

"Can we STOP with the skinny shaming please?" the photo's powerful caption reads. "I am extremely fit and healthy, and am not in the slightest way anorexic. I have worked hard to look like this, and am proud of my body. I may not be the curviest, but I am a woman who has every right to look the way I do. Maybe today, take a look inside yourself and wonder why you feel the need to shame strangers over the Internet about their bodies. Peace and love to you all — let's change the conversation."

Preach it, lady. Be it "skinny" or "curvy," shaming any kind of body is just not cool. Period.

Malcolm, however, is not the first Victoria's Secret model to take a stand against skinny shaming. Just last week, Victoria's Secret Polish model Magdalena Frackowiak made waves after perfectly shutting down a reporter's silly question that implied she was starving herself for a fashion show. 

Hopefully, the words of these public figures will help more people feel comfortable in their own skin. 


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