Bride Surprises Her Grandma By Wearing The Same Dress She Wore In 1962, And Emotions Could Not Be Contained

"'I married my high school sweetheart in that dress. And now so will you.'"

There are so many tear-jerking moments from one's wedding day: the walk down the aisle, the best man's toast during the reception, the father-daughter dance, and the moment the bride shows her wedding dress to her fiancé for the first time. But for bride Jordyn Jensen of Boise, Idaho, it was a moment between herself and her grandmother that was among the most memorable.

On September 23, Jordyn married groom Dakota Cleverly, wearing her grandmother's wedding dress from 1962. Jordyn's grandfather died before she was born, HuffPost reports.  

But it wasn't until the rehearsal dinner that Jordyn revealed to her grandma, Penny Jensen, that she'd be wearing the dress. Photographer Kortney Peterson was there to capture the first looks.

"Being a part of this first look with Jordyn and her sweet grandmother was honestly so touching and emotional," Kortney tells A Plus in an email. "The second I saw her grandma notice Jordyn walking toward her, realizing it was her dress, everyone surrounding them started to bawl their eyes out. Including myself."


"There were tears all over the back of my camera. It was truly amazing!"

Jordyn held a photo of her grandmother wearing the dress and the two embraced. The photos also showed the moment when it started to rain, and Kortney says that everyone thought the rain was Jordyn's grandfather's tears from heaven, "as if he was there with Penny as well."

"Penny's reaction was so emotionally beautiful. She wept and kept repeating '1962 ... Your grandfather would have loved to see this,' and 'I married my high school sweetheart in that dress. And now so will you.'"

Two days later, Jordyn married Dakota, and Kortney says, "you could really feel the love of her grandma everywhere Jordyn walked that day. Seeing Penny admire Jordyn from a distance ... was so beautiful and special."

When asked why, as a photographer, it's so important for Kortney to capture these sweet moments, she says it's how real they are that makes them special. 

"The laughs. The tears. The real moments in between shots. And a first look such as this, I knew would be so special and rare to capture. I knew there would be emotions flying. And I'm all about that! I don't just see photography as a 'point and shoot job,' I see it as memories and time being frozen and saved forever. And to be able to freeze this time in these photos [has] been so amazing!"

Check out more moments from the reveal below:

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