Women Celebrate Motherhood By Wearing Jewelry Made From Their Own Breast Milk

Memories immortalized.

When you're a new parent, every second brings something new.

The first time you hear your baby cry: the first time you listen to them giggle; their first tooth, hair lock, whatever — all memories are so special, it makes you want to wear them on your sleeve. 

And now it's quite possible, actually.


A trend called 'breast milk jewelry' has been making some waves among new moms all over the world recently.

It encompasses jewelry (rings, pendants, charms, etc.) that is made using petrified samples of breast milk.

These keepsake pieces can also include a baby's hair lock, umbilical crumbs and even placenta.

Here's an example of beads made using placenta (left) and breast milk (right). Weird? Most moms say not at all.

According to Vickie Krevatin, a mother who started her own breast milk jewelry business after struggling to find someone to do it for her, "breastfeeding a newborn is an unforgettable and rewarding experience, [which] is not always an easy path to follow."

She is convinced that it only makes sense if a mother wants to have some sort of memento, an "immortalised memory" if you will, to preserve the bond between herself and the baby.

So how is it made exactly? Here Vickie spills all of her secrets.

Well, first of all she needs a sample of breast milk. Here are some of the kits Krevatin received from her clients.

When the milk (and other inclusions such as lock of hair, placenta, ashes, etc.) are received, Krevatin starts the process of preserving them in the form of an "inclusion."

At the end of the preservation process, the milk turns into a solid substance that can be shaped by hand into a preferable shape or cast into a mould for the design of the customer's choice. 

Krevatin notes that each milk inclusion varies in color because every woman's breast milk is different, ranging from white to creamy yellow.

The inclusion is then covered in resin that protects the hardened milk from shattering.

There are numerous resin-tinting options as well, so your jewelry can be any color you want.

The price of such keepsake jewelry ranges from $18 for charms to $230 for custom lockets.

What do you think of this trend? Share with us!

(H/T: Mashable)


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