6-Year-Old Has The Most Polite Reaction To His Mother's Baby Announcement

Hearts are melting all over the place.

Six-year-old Brayden's life just changed forever, and his reaction to the news is pretty priceless.

In a video shared on Today.com's YouTube channel, Brayden finds out his mother, Jade, is having a baby by opening up a present on camera. Inside the gift bag is a shirt that reads: "Mummy is having a baby."

He reads it aloud and less than a second later, Brayden begins to process the news. 


"Oh that's making me want to cry," he says with his hand on his eye. "It's so lovely." 

From what we can tell, Brayden tears up, explaining just how happy he is, and holding the tee over his eyes. 

We've seen these sorts of reactions before, and they get us every single time.

Cover image via 578foot I Shutterstock

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