He Sprays Different Paints On Top Of Each Other. Then With A Few Strokes Turns It Into A Masterpiece.

He's like the da Vinci of spray paint.

There are artists who need huge canvases, tons of paint and deluxe paintbrushes to create masterpieces worthy of people's attention. And then there are artists like Brandon McConnell, whose needs are limited to a few cans of spray paint and whatever rubble's lying on the floor.

Originally from San Diego, McConnell is a renowned spray painter who creates stunning works of art in record speed. 

Inspired by a street artist he saw in the streets of Mexico, McConnell started experimenting with the technique back in 1999. Since 2003, he's been creating professional spray paintings and selling them on his website, Spacepaintings.com.


Be sure to check out the video and scroll down to see more of Brandon's work below.


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