11 Illustrations Of Minnie Mouse Like You've Never Seen Her Before

No. 7 is perfect.

Minne Mouse is certainly the queen of the animation world, but what would it look like if she took the role of some of film's leading ladies? 

Illustrator Brandon Bron Bermudez wanted to find out. He reimagined Minnie Mouse as some of the most iconic women in film and the results are pretty fantastic. 

You've definitely never seen here like this before. 

Check out his fun drawings below: 

1. "Breakfast at Toontown"

2. "Mouse and the City"

3. "The Wizard of Toontown"

4. "Cheese"

5. "I Love Minnie"

6. "Gentlemen Prefer Bows"

7. "The Mouse Wears Prada"

8. "The Minnie Horror Picture Show"

9. "Mousespray"

10. "Bride of Mickeystein"

11. "Gone with the Imagination"

(H/T: BuzzFeed

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