This Boy Is Heartbroken Because His Favorite Player Was Just Sold

Cheer up! You still have Angel Di Maria and Wayne Rooney!

Manchester United has been making some big moves over the past few weeks.


They picked up soccer wizard Memphis Depay, World Cup winner Bastian Schweinsteiger along with a few other key additions to round out the squad.

However, with additions come subtractions. Unfortunately, star striker Robin van Persie was sold and one particular Man U fan just couldn't handle the news.

RVP, a.k.a. The Flying Dutchman, who did this in last years World Cup...

...was sold this past week to the Turkish club Fenerbahce. When this little Man U fan found about the news, he just couldn't even deal with the heartbreak.

We've all been there as a kid when our favorite player from our favorite team moves on. So we definitely understand.

Just look at those cute pictures he drew up to hang over his bed!! 

We're sure that when he watches this 10 years from now, he'll have a nice chuckle about it though.

Lets reminisce over van Persie and the collective Man U heartbreak in the video after the jump.

It's not like RVP retired, so this little fan can still cheer on his favorite player, albeit on a new team. Watch below.

Here are some of van Persie's best Man U highlights. Gone but certainly not forgotten.

Besides, you still got Rooney kid!

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