Watch All Hell Break Loose When Boy Finds Out He's At A Circus And Not A Broccoli Farm

He might be the only child who loves broccoli this much.


Every parent wants to create special, memorable moments for their child. But as we all know, when kids are involved, things rarely go according to plan ... luckily with hilarious results.

One of these adorable moments was captured on camera (above) by a YouTube user named Chris. In the video description, Chris writes: "We told our 4-year-old [Max] that we had a surprise for him, and said we were taking a trip to a broccoli farm so we could hide that we were going to the circus [...]" 

But when Max found out they weren't actually going to a broccoli farm he had a, well, unexpected reaction.

While most children would be excited to see elephants and clowns, this little one broke down into tears — because he was disappointed he wasn't at a broccoli farm. Yup. A broccoli farm. 

Even when his parents try to compromise by offering to buy him broccoli at the store, Max still longed for greener pastures — brimming with broccoli.

In a last ditch effort to coax Max out of the car and into the circus, his parents promise to take him to a broccoli farm next time. Will it be enough to satisfy their little Green Giant? Only time (and hopefully a follow-up video) will tell. 

And hey, Max's unconditional veggie love won't just make you smile — it might just inspire you to fill your life with more healthy choices and broccoli farm trips. 

We could all be a little more like this adorable kid who just loves broccoli. 


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