This Kid Hugs A Girl For The First Time And He Just Can't Get Enough

More, please.

You most likely don't remember your first hug. Which is a pity. 

Because judging by this video, first hugs can be absolutely phenomenal. 

You feel like screaming and shouting and can no longer contain all your excitement. Or at least Will, the little boy in the video, barely can.


"Will, can you give her a hug?" parents encourage the boy sauntering towards the girl.

He surely can do.

That look on his face.

Will takes a couple of seconds to think about what has just happened and...

A little overwhelmed, buddy?

... he absolutely loses it.

Soon enough he's back for more...

More hugs, please. You can never have too many, right?

... and yet his excitement is still the same.

Each and every time. And we're not kidding about this.

Make sure to watch the entire video below. 

Now we want hugs too.

(H/T: Rumble)

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