Boy With Down Syndrome Dances To Lady Gaga's 'Born This Way' During Super Bowl, Shows What Radical Inclusion Looks Like

"It’s not just about a cute kid dancing, but about making our fight for radical inclusion even more inclusive.”

This past Sunday, football fans everywhere watched Lady Gaga perform on one of the biggest sports stages of the year: the Super Bowl. 

Meanwhile, one little boy danced along in his living room, capturing the hearts of people everywhere. 

In a video shared to Twitter, Nico, 10, who was born with Down syndrome, can be seen dancing up close to the television while Gaga performed her hit song, "Born This Way." 

"He was born his way too," Nico's father, David Perry, tweeted.

"Lady Gaga's anthem is about the identity and diversity and the struggle for acceptance. Disability isn't always a part of that conversation, but it should be," Perry, a disability rights journalist, told The Huffington Post. "Clearly, her fans around the world are here for that message. So it's not just about a cute kid dancing, but about making our fight for radical inclusion even more inclusive."


Perry's tweet has been favorited nearly 4 thousand times since he shared it on February 5th. Others have tweeted in response:

Over the years, Lady Gaga has continued to represent those who don't fit society's molds, calling her fans her "little monsters" and encouraging them to be their unique selves. 

In fact, she dedicated her halftime performance to those particular fans: "I dedicate every second to the love, diversity, compassion, and wild spirit of our fan base," she wrote on Instagram. "To that kid who felt unwanted, or the grown up who remembers how hard it was to find acceptance. This is for you."

Her song "Born This Way" features lyrics that speak to her message, too: 

"Don't be a drag, just be a queen/ 
Whether you're broke or evergreen/
You're Black, White, beige, Chola descent/
You're Lebanese, you're Orient/
Whether life's disabilities/
Left you outcast, bullied, or teased/
Rejoice and love yourself today/
'cause baby you were born this way"

We love that Nico chose to dance along to this song, and we hope Lady Gaga's message continues to positively affect her fans throughout her career and beyond. 

(H/T: The Huffington Post

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