Little Boy Caught On Tape Making A Beautiful Gesture To A Mosque In Texas

You never know where an act of kindness will come from.

Jack Swanson is only seven years old, but he knew what he wanted to do with the $20 he had in his piggy bank: Donate it to a local mosque.

The Texas native and his mother appeared in an ABC News segment after the boy handed over all $20 to Faisal Naeem, one of the mosque's board members. It was an especially nice gesture considering that the mosque had been vandalized just days before. Someone had left torn up pieces of the Koran smeared with feces outside the Islamic Center of Pflugerville. 

"Jack's $20 are worth $20 million to us because it's the thought that counts," Naeem told ABC News. "Jack is just a little older than my son, Ibrahim. If we have more kindhearted kids like them in the world, I have hope for our future."

The total cost of the clean up was about $150, according to a congregant of the mosque. But it was really the act itself that hurt. Naeem said he didn't want to assume it was a response to the attacks in Paris, but conceded that generalizations made about Muslims are deeply concerning to him.

"It's become so commonplace where something goes wrong somewhere and people want to blame all Muslims," he said. "If anything, it's a pointing indictment of the logical fallacy in our society's way of thinking."

Swanson and his mother weren't the only ones to show support. The sidewalk where the Koran was left has been washed away, and flowers have been put in its place. 

"It doesn't matter what you believe or I believe or he believes or anybody believes, all faith is important, especially peaceful faith," Jack's mother, Laura Swanson, said. "What happened in Paris is not what's happening in Pflugerville. We should all be here supporting each other."


Check out the special ABC News report below:


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