Women Are Sharing Exactly Who They Are Born To Be By Doing This — And It's Beautiful

I am ___'s daughter.

Activist and writer Michaela Angela Davis loves her hair, but growing up, the German-born woman felt like everyone else around her wanted it to change. 

"All anybody ever wanted to do was control it," she says in a video for the #BORNandMADE campaign.

Luckily, Michaela rose above the naysayers and continued to love her hair. But she's more than her hair — she's smart, courageous and kind. That's who she was born to be.


"Everybody is born somebody or something... wonderful."

She and the other women profiled are all perfect examples of the mantra which sparked #BORNandMADE, a commitment to showing girls that there's more to them than just their exterior. For the project, natural hair care company Carol's Daughter partnered with I AM THAT GIRL, an organization whose purpose is to empower girls and to prove that each woman is unique, comes from somewhere and has something beautiful about them.  

It all starts with four questions that have nothing to do with looks:

Who are you?

Where were you born?

What are you made with?

Whose daughter are you?

Women from across the Internet have come together to show off their true selves using these questions and they're more beautiful than you could have ever imagined. 

They're made with love.

Passion and purpose.




And strength.

According to the BORNandMADE website, "Together we are empowering women all over the world to be who they are truly BORNandMADE to be — not who others think they're 'supposed' to be!"

So who are you truly made to be?

It's time to let the world find out.

I AM THAT GIRL is calling all women and girls to answer these questions for themselves directly on their website and to spread the message with the world. 

It's about time that beauty starts from the inside out. 

Are you in?

Check out the #BORNandMADE initiative here to make your own photo statement and spread the word. 

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