These Movie Clips Defy The Laws Of Physics And You Probably Never Saw Them

Holy exploding cars!

Hindi-language films, known throughout the industry as Bollywood films, have revolutionized filmmaking with great movies. While Bollywood created many genre films, including romance, musicals and comedies, its action movies are beyond epic. What makes the action films unbelievable are scenes that do unrealistic and crazy things.

Here are 11 Bollywood movie clips that are so awesome, you'll become an Bollywood fan in case you weren't already:


1. Of course horses can do that.

2. This happens all of the time.

3. The cops always get the bad guy.

4. This is how you flip cars.

5. Stopping a car the cool way.

6. Going up.

7. Seems very natural.

8. Not the best way to ride on a car.

9. That's how you get the helicopter.

10. A Bollywood "Matrix."

11. Using your weapons against you.


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