Christians And Muslims Coming Together In Cameroon To Protect Against Boko Haram

They probably won't show this on TV.

Suicide bombers have been relentlessly attacking in Cameroon. But one group of Muslims and Christians are doing what they can to protect the community, together.

Perpetrated by Islamic extremist group Boko Haram, the attacks have plagued Cameroon for years, but have become more frequent recently. In response, authorities are doing their best to diversify methods of protection. 

"We have a new technique; Christians secure mosques when Muslims pray," Mindjiyawa Bakary, governor of Cameroon's Far North Region, told Turkish wire service Anadolu Agency. "On Sundays when Christians are in places of worship, Muslims patrol around churches to detect any suspicious movement."

Boko Haram has been attacking schools, churches, mosques and even markets in Cameroon. The diversity of their attacks makes the security necessary. On top of the Muslim and Christian patrols, there are also "vigilance committees" that patrol the border of Nigeria with machetes and arrows and investigate suspicious activity.

Apparently, those efforts have already broken up several attacks.

"If we have doubts, we denounce them to the police," Sheikh Ibrahim Moussa told Anadolu Agency. "Same for those who preach radical Islam."

Religious communities have long come together to protect each other in times of crisis. In December, news broke of Muslim commuters in Kenya putting themselves in harm's way to save the Christians on their bus from attack.


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