6 Body Language Movements That Show That Person Is Totally Flirting With You

The hips don't lie. And neither do the shoulders, hands, and feet.

There are a few different ways to tell whether someone is flirting with you. Of course, a lot of the time these signals can get lost in translation, no matter how obvious they might be. 

But one way to gauge whether or not a person is attracted to you is to pay special attention to their body language. Of course their words, eye contact, and facial expressions are also great indicators, but body language can be the most revealing clue. 

So, the next time you're crushing on someone, look at how they're moving to figure out what they're feeling. And don't forget to show the person how you're feeling with your  bod, too. 

Remember, even if someone's movements seem to be drawing you in, don't make assumptions about the way someone is feeling without some good ole' communication, too. 


1. Their feet point at you.

If you're having a conversation with someone, and you think that it is going well, take a subtle glance down at their feet. If the person's feet are pointing towards you, it is a good sign that they are interested in you, or at the very least, in the conversation you're having. If the person's toes are pointed away, it means they probably aren't interested, explains Vanessa Van Edwards in her Huffington Post blog. 

2. They'll stand up straight.

You might think that your crush simply has good posture but that rod-straight back could be a sign of attraction. Why? The person is standing up tall to show off their own bod to you, according to Superflirt by Tracey Cox. When you think about it, a slouchy posture often doesn't indicate an interest in anything, except for maybe sleep.

3. Their belly button will point towards you.

You may not get a clear reading unless your partner is wearing a crop top or no shirt, but if you think their belly button is pointing at you, it might be time to take things to the next level. Body language expert Janine Driver explained to Cosmopolitan that you should be mindful if someone's belly button is pointing towards you or not, even if you're not in a conversation with them.

4. They lean in.

If someone is leaning in towards you, it is likely they want more. Leaning in indicates the person is engaged with you, according to Van Edwards. Thankfully, this is a pretty easy one to identify. 

5. They imitate you.

If you're standing in a certain way, or gesturing with your hands in a particular manner, and your crush starts doing it, don't write it off as them teasing you. They could be doing it on a subconscious level. If you notice someone is posing like you, it means they're in tune with you and what you're saying, states Dr. A. Kelly-Anderson in Cosmopolitan. They could also be in tune with moving your relationship to the next stage.

6. They show off their bod.

We're not talking about taking off anyone's shirt or any muscle flexing. It's more subtle than that. If the person you're standing next to is drawing attention to their body with different movements, like adjusting their tie, or putting their hands on their belt, the chances are good they're feeling something, according to Cox. Just note that too much fidgeting could translate to boredom.

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