This 10-Year-Old Penned A Perfect Petition To Magazines — And She Needs Your Help

Will you sign this petition?

A petition written by a 10-year-old is teaching the world to celebrate women who are "strong, kind, brave, thoughtful [and] unique" instead of judging them based on traditional beauty standards.

It began on Saturday night, when author and mother Glennon Doyle Melton was at home with her daughter Tish.

"Mama, the other girls are all skinny," Tish asked. "Why am I different?"

Melton wrote on her blog, Momastery, that she "just froze" and "became ten again" when she heard that question. She was unable to give her daughter a direct answer, until her husband, Craig, encouraged her to speak to Tish about the issue.


Kids as young as five can develop negative body images. This can potentially lead them to pursue unhealthy dietary practices and substance abuse in the hopes of looking a certain way.

Melton spoke to Tish about body image for two hours that night.

"We talked about all the messages girls get about staying small and quiet and competitive and how that's all horseshit meant to keep girls weak and separate from each other, so we can't join forces and lead," she wrote on her blog.

Tish's new insight about body image was put to the test the following night when they spotted magazine covers featuring beautiful women at a bookstore.

Melton asked her, "What do you think women's bodies are for?"

"Writing, running, hugging," Tish answered.

Melton then asked, "Are women's bodies for selling things?"

Tish said no.

When they went home, Tish penned a petition asking magazines — and the people that read them — to reconsider their appearance-based standards for cover models. The powerfully-written letter has gone viral.

Melton said she cheered and cried as they signed Tish's body image petition (which she called a "Pe-Tish-ion").

A Plus reached out to Melton for a comment.

Think (Body) Positive is an A Plus original series featuring body positive advocates and thought leaders. Their goal? Encouraging you to love the skin you're in.

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