History Was Made This Week When Someone Actually Landed A BMX Quadruple Backflip

It took a lot of broken bones to get here.

When it comes to action sports, few tricks have been more elusive than the quadruple backflip on a BMX bike.

That was until this week. In a heart-stopping video from Nitro Circus, you can see exactly why so many men have been hurt trying, and so many people have had doubts about going for it. 

James Foster's first attempt on video did not quite go as planned.

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Jed Mildon was smiling, but not for long.

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"Whoever lands this first will go down in history books," said Travis Pastrana in the video.

Second tries didn't go much better for the BMX stars. First, Foster did this:

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Then Mildon went for his second attempt...

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But this wouldn't be a story if someone didn't land it...

And that man was Jed Mildon.

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Watch the full footage of their attempts, crash landings, and the epic moment history was made below:


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