Pictures Of The Recent Blood Red Harvest Moon Look Insane


Your feed probably exploded with news about water on Mars. But while you are celebrating this exciting announcement, don't let it detract from another amazing cosmic event that happened a little closer to home — the recent super harvest blood moon. 

That's right. If you were out in the Americas, Europe or Africa, looking to the stars, you may have noticed the moon looking a lil' funky. National Geographic explains the rare event was a result of three specific events happening in conjunction. 

First, the moon was full, as it is close to the autumn equinox. Second, the moon appeared to be 14 percent larger than normal because it was during a lunar perigee, the time of the month when the moon is closest to Earth. 

But why did the moon look so red last night?

Ashamed moon.

Because in addition to the full moon and lunar perigee, there was also a lunar eclipse. This happens when the sun, Earth and moon align. The red color results from sunlight refracted through the Earth's atmosphere, which preferentially absorbs blue lights while letting red light through, which then reflects off the moon, making it appear red. This is known as a Blood Moon

This combination last occurred in 1982. And if you didn't catch it this year, you'll have to wait for the next one in 2033. 

Here's exactly what happened:

But the explanation does not do the visual experience justice. Luckily, people from all over the world had their cameras ready to document it. Take a look at some of the amazing pictures below: 

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Lunar Eclipse over Mt. Shasta
BloodMoon Solar Eclipse rises over quebradas in Polvadera, New Mexico. Photo by Colleen Gino.
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If you're watching the Super Blood Moon, remember to pray for the success of the Belmont clan in their battle with Dracula
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last night super blood moon
Blood Moon Greece

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