This Astronaut Tweeted Pictures Of The Blizzard From Space And It Looks Magical


Winter Storm Jonas hit the East Coast hard over the weekend, burying millions of Americans under a few feet of snow, closing public transportation and businesses. Though it created havoc on the ground for those experiencing it, it looked quite different for those who were far away. And by far away, we don't mean the friend from L.A. who was posting pictures of palm trees on Facebook. To really get a new perspective, we need a vantage point that is out of this world.

During his year-long mission to the International Space Station, NASA Astronaut Scott Kelly will encircle the Earth every 90 minutes, tweeting photos along the way. Kelly photographed the East Coast before, during, and after the storm, giving an unparalleled look at how extensive the snow actually was. 

In addition to seeing several states completely blanketed, Kelly was able to take a picture at just the right time, capturing lightning during a snowstorm. 

Check out his amazing pictures:


Were you impacted by the blizzard? How did you spend your snow days? Let us know in the comments!

(H/T: CNN)


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