When The MLB Asked A Teen To Throw The First Pitch, He Pulled This Off

You've gotta love this.

It's October, which means two things: baseball playoffs and Halloween fun. 

While this year's MLB playoffs have been taken by the unlikely rise of the Mets and Cubs, they've also had their ups and downs. Like, for instance, the controversial Chase Utley slide that left Mets infielder Ruben Tejada with a broken leg. 

So, in an effort to keep baseball and competition in perspective, we wanted to remind everyone of the beautiful thing that took place back in 2011 before an Arizona Diamondbacks' game.

Max Ashton, a teenager and a big Arizona Diamondbacks fan, was introduced to throw out the first pitch for a game against the Milwaukee Brewers. Ashton, who graduated from the Foundation for Blind Children, was guided to the mound and then given a ball. And then, he threw a perfect strike. 


Here's the video:

If you were moved by Max's story, you should consider donating to the Foundation for Blind Children


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