Can You Beat Blake Shelton And Jimmy Fallon At The Name That Song Challenge?

There's one song Shelton should really recognize.

If you think Jimmy Fallon isn't a worthy opponent for Blake Shelton in the Name That Song Challenge just because Shelton is a singer and Fallon is a late-night host, think again. The pair got behind their buzzers Monday night to put their musical knowledge to the test, and Fallon took the game very seriously.

The way the challenge works is that The Roots play a song one instrument at a time, and it's up to the players to be the first to correctly guess what they're playing. If one of them gets it wrong, the other player can try to steal. We know half the fun comes from trying to identify the tunes yourself, so we won't give away the answers 

We will, however, tell you that there's one song in particular which the Voice coach should really be able to recognize. It even takes some time for Fallon to catch on, but when he does, he can't help but laugh. "All I know is that Blake is in a lot of trouble right now," he says, promising that he didn't know they would play the tune.

What song is it? Let's just say you might be craving some B-A-N-A-N-A-S when you hear it. "I came to this show to promote my album, and I am losing everything!" Shelton jokes when he finally realizes what he's missed.

Find out who wins the game in the video below:


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