The Family Dog Ate This Doll's Arm, So It Was Dad To The Rescue. The Result? Amazing

Meet Bionic Barbie.

Witness the ingenuity of a cool dad.


Redditor john5851 recently discovered that his family's puppy chewed the arm off one of his daughter's dolls.

Aside from a full above-elbow amputation, the plastic casualty was otherwise unscathed.

Springing into action, the heroic father decided to use advanced technology to restore this doll to full functionality.

He located some Lego pieces to use for a prosthetic. This piece was vital: it's a "lazy susan" tile that allows for a full range of motion.

The shoulder joint was flattened out so the new piece could be installed.

The new shoulder joint was epoxied in place. Throughout the operation, Barbie's modesty was preserved.

Time was required between the first phase of the operation and the actual fitting. This was to allow the epoxy to set.

After several prototypes, dad and daughter decided on this one: it allows for 360 degrees of rotation and 80 degrees of flexion.

Most importantly, everyone is happy with the result.

Great job, john5851

Source: Reddit, of course.

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