After A Crash Left Him With Two Amputated Legs, This Teen Is Back Behind The Wheel Proving He Won't Give Up

Billy Monger has big dreams.

Billy Monger is back behind the wheel of a race car after a crash back in April — which occurred when he was going 120 mph — left him having to get both legs amputated just days before turning 18. While just returning to the track would be enough for some, Monger has his sights set on more.

Thanks to the help of Team BRIT, a competitive motor racing team — not a charity, it points out on its website — made up of drivers who are all ex or serving military troops who go up against their able-bodied competitors, Monger was able to test out cars that he could use.

According to the BBC, Monger was driving an adapted Fun Cup endurance racer that was designed to look like a Volkswagen Beetle. Monger himself said he got to test out two different steering wheels and that he decided on one, and is now going to practice his technique.

"We want to normalize disability and have developed the most advanced hand control technology that allows our drivers to compete on a level playing field," Dave Player, founder of Team BRIT, said in a press release, saying it was offering support as Monger "looks to make decisions around the next stage of his racing career."

Monger said he now wants to compete in the 24-hour race at Le Mans and has even met French driver Frédéric Sausset, who, having lost both arms and legs to illness, raced in it last year. The Surrey native describes meeting Sausset as "inspirational."

"The opportunity that may happen in the future with him would be great, but I'm not 100 percent committed to anything yet," Monger told Sky News. "We're just looking at different options to see what's best for me in the future. There's a lot of work involved in what's going on with my own rehabilitation, but that's all going well so hopefully we'll be back out on track soon."


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