Tyler, The Creator's New Theme Song For Bill Nye The Science Guy Brings Back Memories

Yes, he was a fan of the original.

As you're hopefully aware, Bill Nye has a new show premiering April 21 on Netflix. It's called Bill Nye Saves the World, and it's a throwback to his Bill Nye the Science Guy series from the '90s, with updated topics — including global warming.

A new show needs a new theme song, but considering the original tune was so iconic, it just wouldn't be the same without that recognizable "Bill! Bill! Bill!" chant. That's where rapper Tyler, the Creator came in. As the 26-year-old shares with the host in a new video posted by the series on Twitter, he was a fan of the original series.


"That show, it got kids to not hate science class," Tyler told Nye. "And that worked. That full-on worked."

He also shared his love for the theme song. "I love the fast-pacedness of it. You take out that snare, it could be a house song."

Tyler's new song for Bill Nye Saves the World (which you can hear snippets of in the video above) is apparently only 12 seconds compared to the 30-second original, but we're not complaining. We'll just be over here with our nostalgia while we wait for this Friday's premiere.

(H/T: Mashable)

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