Bill Murray Helps Couple Announce Their Pregnancy At The Cubs Game

"Hey, I've got news for you."

There are plenty of ways to announce you're having a baby: a card, a letter, a phone call. Or, you can have Bill Murray casually record a video message to send off to your parents. That too.

In a post shared on Instagram, Robbie Schloss and his wife, Kirsten Barrish Schloss, were at a Chicago Cubs baseball game when apparently, they ran into Bill Murray, aka the legendary star of films such as Groundhog Day, Lost In Translation, Caddyshack, and more. 

Schloss captioned the now-viral Instagram post with the message: "[Bill Murray] thank you for making my parents cry!" 


In the video, Murray looks directly into the camera and says, "Hey, I've got news for you. You're gonna be ... grandparents."

"We're having a baby!" Schloss adds, and everyone's smiling.

In just a day, Schloss' Instagram video has been viewed over 3 thousand times, with people commenting their congratulations and well wishes. 

"Best way to announce, ever!" one person writes. 

"Yessss!! Thissss!!! You guys are nailing the parent game right out the gate!" another adds. 

(H/T: Facebook)

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