Bill Hader And Jimmy Fallon Struggle Not To Laugh While Making Funny Faces

"This is gonna last five seconds."

Earlier this week, Bill Hader showed off his best celebrity impressions with Ellen DeGeneres. On The Tonight Show Thursday night, host Jimmy Fallon skipped the Wheel of Impressions and instead invited his fellow SNL alum to flex a few other comedy muscles — namely, the ones in his face.

The pair played a game called the "Face It Challenge," in which they each have to make a funny face for a given scenario and then last 10 seconds without cracking up. Things don't bode well for them, as they start laughing before Fallon even finishes describing the rules. "This is gonna last five seconds," declares Hader.

The first situation they read is "screaming on a roller coaster." Hader and Fallon lift mirrors up to their faces to prepare their best mid-coaster expressions, before counting to three and revealing themselves. As predicted, they last about five seconds before collapsing in giggles.

They fare much better with the prompt "sexy vampire," but somehow their faces for "stepped on a Lego barefoot" manage to make each other laugh, even though they both choose to look away while holding their pained expressions. "I couldn't even look at you," Fallon says. The audience's laughter no doubt made things even harder.

See all the funny faces in the video below:


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