Bill Clinton To Appear On "The Late Show With Stephen Colbert"

Just after Colbert and Michelle Obama cracked a joke at his expense.

Bill Clinton could very well be headed back to the White House as the first-ever First Gentleman of the United States if his wife Hillary Clinton wins the 2016 presidential election. Stephen Colbert is very aware of that reality, but still unintentionally cracked a joke at the former president's expense when talking to current First Lady Michelle Obama on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert. So it's extremely fitting that Bill will join Colbert as a Late Show guest on Oct. 6, with a nod to that joke almost certain.

Colbert is making political guests a staple of his new Late Show, already hosting Jeb Bush, Joe Biden, Donald Trump and Michelle Obama just a few weeks into the job. The husband of Democratic front-runner Hillary Clinton will join Billy Eichner and musical guest Florence + the Machine that night, and although it's unlikely the conversation will get as candid and heartfelt as Colbert's face to face with Biden, next-morning videos of the comedian's talks with politicians have already become a highlight of the Late Show experience. There's no reason to think this interaction will be any different.

Because Clinton's appearance coincides directly with the 11th annual meeting of the Clinton Global Initiative, he'll likely spend a major chunk of his time plugging it. However, Colbert will probably prod him on all things Hillary, the campaign trail and what it's like to be president. It's not often you get to shoot the breeze with a former president, so naturally you've got to ask the pressing questions. Hopefully Bill responds with a few gems of his own.

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