Try Not To Chuckle At These 10 Epic Bike Lane Fails

Don't ride here.

With more Americans biking to work than ever before, bike lanes are springing up like crazy. While it seems easy to create a lane with proper planning and chalk, some people screw it up big time. 

Here are 10 bike lanes that should be sent back to the drawing board:


1. Riding through the trees seems like a disaster waiting to happen.

2. Some bike lanes are placed in unnecessary locations.

3. Be very careful on this one.

4. Travel this entire bike lane in five seconds.

5. This looks like a lane design just exploded.

6. Not the best place to put a gate.

7. Why would you put that there?

8. Going up?

9. Seems like a reasonable place to park, right?

10. Hey, that thing doesn't have wheels...

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