19 Big Dogs That Lack Self-Awareness

These dogs truly think they're lap dogs.

19. This dog that just wants a hug.

18. The dog that's never too big for the backseat.

17.This dog that will bury you.

16. The dog that takes you for a walk.

15. This dog that offers free transportation.

14. This dog that thinks he's a lap dog.

13. The dog that will be your bodyguard.

12. This dog that takes up more space than a kitchen table.

11. The dog that just wants snugs.

10. This dog that will sit wherever she wants.

9. The dog that replaces your boyfriend.

8. The dog that ate a Corgi.

7. The dog that just needs to be held right now.

6. The dog that melts in your arms.

5. The dog that's actually a big, fluffy throw pillow.

4. The dog who's the perfect blanket.

3. This dog that prefers being little spoon.

2. The dog that is actually the man of the house.

1. This dog who's really just a big baby.



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