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The World Of Action Sports Media Is About To Change In A Major Way

On day one, SXSW gave us all a serious dose of adrenaline by exploring the latest breakthroughs in the technology used for documenting action sports. The panel, The Changing Face of Action Sports Media, featured athletes and executives from Teton Gravity Research, and Keith Sharman of CBS News' 60 minutes.

Todd Jones, founder of Teton Gravity Research, spoke about the rise of less expensive, and arguably higher quality filmmaking techniques that have dramatically reduced the cost of content production. 

In one example, Jones explained how an award-winning film Teton shot three years ago has been edited over 70 times, turning the film into multiple bite-sized videos and still images that have garnered millions of impressions across social media.

Jones also explained how advances like drones, go pros, and biometric sensors, used in combination with professional-grade production tools, are enabling expanded content partnerships between athletes, like fellow panelist Angel Collinson, and many of the brands with which Teton works.

The future for Teton is bright and robust, as they manage to strike the much needed balance to exist as both a growing media company and an entity dead set on empowering the creative community it serves.

With a full-time staff of 25, a slate of upcoming projects ranging from TV shows and films to national tours, and a possible foray into the world of VR, Teton is well positioned to thrive in an emerging category.


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