7 Ways To Honor Queen Bey This Week

Spend B'Day the right way.

This week marks the anniversary of the time Tina Knowles blessed us lowly humans with the greatness that is Beyoncé. We are still not fully worthy, but we'll take what we can get when it comes to massive blessings. While Beyoncé Week isn't an official holiday yet (even if some students are telling their professors otherwise), it doesn't mean you shouldn't be celebrating Queen Bey week, or every day for that matter. Here are some tips on how to properly spend your Beyoncé Week.


1. Get bodied.

This is not the time to stand on the wall, unless you're wall twerking. If you are currently sitting or standing still, stop doing that. 

2. Eat kale. Or dance with kale. Your choice.

Celebrating kale somehow is important, but as an #IndependentWoman you have the right to choose however you want to engage with kale this week. Honoring kale with clothing is also a viable option.

3. Watch some Beyoncinema.

Sure, you could always watch her HBO biopic, but let's not forget Beyoncé's filmography on this glorious week. You have plenty of options. Feeling soulful? Check out The Fighting Temptations. Want some drama and want to also stare at Idris Elba? Go with Obsessed. Feeling extra refined? Let's not forget about Carmen: A Hip Hopera. There's also Dream Girls, Cadillac Records, and Austin Powers in Goldmember to keep you film buffs on your toes all week.

4. Read some Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie.

You might recognize the Nigerian author's name from Beyoncé's secret album, which samples her TED Talk, "We Should All Be Feminists." Adichie later released a book by the same title, but if you really want to make Beyoncé proud and get extra cultured, check out some of her other novels. We recommend her gorgeous bestseller Americanah, which explores race in America through the lens of a Nigerian immigrant.

5. Play some Solange and Michelle.

Truly appreciating Beyoncé means showing some love to those in her shadow.

6. Throw on that freakum dress.

This week is not the one to be humble. We know you look good, you know you look good, it's time to embrace it.

7. Be an independent woman.

Do you, and it's basically impossible not to channel Queen Bey.

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