All Was Normal At USC Until Queen Bey Showed Up And Everyone Completely Freaked Out

Teacher: "Why are you late to class?" Student: "Beyoncé."

The students at the University of Southern California are giving "Scream Queens" a brand new meaning.


That's because everyone flipped out and lost their literal minds this morning when the Queen herself decided to randomly show up on campus.

The word quickly spread across the Bey legion everywhere.

It had everyone wondering, "What in the heck is Beyoncé doing here and why are we so blessed?"

It turns out that Queen B was on campus to rehearse for her upcoming Superbowl 50 commercial, according to Perez Hilton.

Even in the midst of hundreds of students acting like tuition was free all of a sudden, the Queen maintained her composure and waived back with a smile.

Just keep it together, everyone, keep it together.

Or not.


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