Betty White's Review Of 'Deadpool' Uses Some Choice Words That'll Crack You Up

Sounds like she approves.

The Ryan Reynolds-starring, purposefully vulgar Deadpool hits theaters today, and as such, Reynolds has been on a press tour all week promoting the film. His appearance on Late Night With Seth Meyers was definitely a highlight thanks to his advice on being a father, but the best PR for the film yet came courtesy of 94-year-old Betty White.

In a video filled with almost as many expletives as seconds of footage, White called the film "the most anticipated movie of the year" and suggested there's something in it for the whole family, "if your family is a ****ed up family of ***-kissing inbreds." Lovely.

Also, in case anyone was concerned, White informed us all that "Ryan Reynolds looks so ****king handsome in his red leather suit," and rated it "four Golden Girls."

What more do you need to see a film? Check out White's full endorsement below:



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