She Raised $47,000 Making And Selling Bracelets To Help Her BFF

A beautiful story.

9e-year-old Bethany Walker of Benton, Arkansas did something incredible for her best friend, Anne Marie Cox: she raised $47,000 by making and selling bracelets in order to buy Anne Marie and her family a swimming pool. Yep. A swimming pool.


Anne Marie suffers from a rare skin disease and can't go to the public pool for fear of infection. Her new pool is filled with salt water to aid in healing.

Bethany elaborated on her friend's condition in an interview with Arkansas ABC affiliate, KATV, saying, "(Anne Marie) has this skin disease called epidermolysis bullosa. If you lightly touch her she'll get blisters." 

"Any kind of friction or trauma to the skin causes the skin to blister and come off," Annie Marie's mother, Kandi Cox, told ABC News. "Being out in the summertime is just not going to happen."

The bracelet project went spectacularly well...

Her bracelets, sold via a Facebook page dedicated to the project, were sent to addresses around the world as word of the girls' friendship spread. 

Incredibly, Bethany made $47,000 in just 19 weeks.

Work on the pool was finished in June: just in time for summer.

Now Bethany is selling bracelets to help others in need.

Her good work has also earned her a shot at a $5000 college scholarship.

Bethany Walker has been recognized by the Afterschool Awards, sponsored in part by Izod, and is in the running for a college scholarship worth $5000.

See the remarkable story here:

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