12 Of The Best Things About Fourth Of July From When You Were A Kid

Oh, the long weekend nostalgia.

Holidays were always such a magical time when you were a kid, particularly the Fourth of July

America's birthday is still pretty great now that you are an adult. However, it may have lost a bit of its luster now that you're the one who has to cook all of the cheeseburgers, get the fireworks, make the travel arrangements, and foot the massive bill.

Things were simpler when you were a kid, which is why many of us get nostalgic for that time. 

But just reminiscing about those past positive experiences can get us even more pumped to create new memories. It inspires us to come up with fun things to do now, so the younger generations can look back on their old celebrations and be filled with just as much happiness, too.

Here are some of the best things about the Fourth Of July from when you were a kid:


1. You got to wear the best red, white and blue outfits.

2. You got to see fireworks.

3. Face painting was encouraged.

4. You got to eat hot dogs and hamburgers for three days in a row.

5. Someone always brought you a cool gift.

6. You got to play outside with your friends and family all day long.

7. There was no shortage of ice cream or popsicles.

8. You had a massive American flag to wave and run around with.

9. All of the candy was red, white and blue, and there was endless amounts of it.

10. You got to go swimming.

11. You got to stay up late.

12. You knew you didn't have to go to school for another two months.

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