These Techniques Will Help You De-Stress Your Everyday Life

Relieve stress in as little as 15 minutes.

These Techniques Will Help You De-Stress Your Everyday Life

Try Aromatherapy


Essential oils used in aromatherapy are the extracts of roots, seeds, leaves, and flowers. Each one contains its own unique mix of active ingredients that determines what the oil is used for.

Some essential oils stimulate nerves in the nose, which send impulses to the section of brain controlling memory and emotion. They help to reduce stress, lift a depression, hasten a good night's sleep, and give you more energy, while also making the room smell pleasant. For example, orange blossom oil contains an active ingredient that gives a soothing experience. Some other oils are used for physical healing, such as treating swelling or a fungal infection.

You can buy your choice of essential oils and add a few drops to your bathtub. Soak in for 15 minutes at least. Along you must also buy the best essential oil diffuser. Use it to fill the room with the vapors of the oils. Your skin would absorb the essential oils and you also breathe them in. 

Plan Your Meals

If you have been eating a lot of the same types of things every day, then your reason for stress is pretty obvious. You are not getting enough nutrients to support your body and mental health.

I was eating out way more than I should have been. I have this food van across the street close to my house that serves tempting burgers and noodles. I skipped a lot of meals because I stuffed myself with a lot of this unhealthy, useless food.

What I did to change the trend was to make healthy food items highly convenient so that I could stick to it.

I started buying pre-washed bags of chopped mixed vegetables so that I don't have to struggle to wash, cut, and then eat salads. I get pre-roasted chicken from the food market and eat a lot of that.

So, the more you reduce the barriers to healthy foods, the better!

Exercise Daily

Not only because you feel proud of doing it, exercise help boost your mood from the inside, which reduces your stress level.

Every time you are physically active — whether dancing or jogging in a park, — your body will release chemicals called endorphins. They protect our hearts by maintaining blood pressure levels, strengthening the muscles, and maintain a healthy weight gain.  

Twenty minutes each day is all you would need to stay healthy  — in shape and in a good mood.

Meditate to Relieve stress

Meditation is commonly a practice of sitting in a quiet place and focusing on your breath. It can be done lying down, walking, or sitting in a traditional cross-legged position. The key is to be comfortable so that you do not lose focus because of discomfort.

A few minutes of correct meditation practice can help activate your body's natural relaxation response. This would help you relieve stress, and bring your body and mind back into a state of equilibrium.

Try meditation techniques like deep breathing while keeping your eyes closed or while looking at one point a bit far across the opposite wall — whichever you prefer.

You can also join meditation classes to learn the proper techniques of meditation so that you experience better results faster.

Find a way to take a break of 15-20 minutes every day for yourself. Take a power shower, do some easy exercise, meditate, or just dance to your favorite tune — you will feel re-energized.

Dylan Moran has bachelor's degree in journalism and mass communication from Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University in India. He has managed multiple websites as a content writer and coordinator, and has extensive experience in community management, social media consultancy, child safety, and crisis management. 

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