12 Of The Most Luxurious Showers In The World

We'll take all of them, please.

For some people, showers are sacred.

It's that special alone time you get in the morning or evenings when you can relax, enjoying the stream of water and some much-needed cleanliness. 

Most people shower for about 13 minutes 6.7 times per week, according to Yahoo's coverage of a Moen's Consumer & Market Insights group. They also added that a (shockingly low) 62 percent of people prefer a hot shower.

Considering all that, you'd think people would spend more time on making their showers magnificent. And guess what? Some people do. So here are the coolest, sleekest, most luxurious showers around.


Not a bad view.

A shower that quite literally comes from the ceiling.

Tile that reacts to heat.

Click to the next page to see "the waterfall shower" and a few amazing showers for two people.

The waterfall shower.

A shower made for nightfall.

A shower for two!

This one is pretty intense.

When you're meant to lay down in the shower...

The five-stream shower.

A look at the future of showers.

Letting nature in.

Because when is neon not a good idea?

Oh, yeah, a penguin shower.

And some creepy curtain ideas.

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