15 Funny Office Pranks That Are Beyond Clever

Your co-workers will get you back.

Working in an office can be pretty mundane, so that's why it is sometimes super appropriate to pull office pranks on your favorite work buddies. Sometimes a prank might cross the line, but it's all for fun. And if you don't pull these fun pranks on your co-workers, they might pull them on you.

Here are 15 cool office pranks you never heard of, but now that you did, you can totally use them:


1. Did someone say Jell-O?

Office pranks have taken it to a whole new level.

2. Can you catch the subtle prank?

Subtle office pranks are the best office pranks

3. This is so un-'bear'-able.

The “mother of all office pranks”

4. How many people thought this was real?

Thank you to whoever submitted the pranks earlier, it's been a fun day here at the office today

5. A new seat for your desk.

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6. If you like Cheetos, this could actually be awesome.

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7. Nicholas Cage takes over your desk.

One of the best office pranks

8. How long did it take to make this prank a reality?

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9. A very colorful prank.

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10. When fish take over your file cabinets.

Fish Tank Office Prank

11. A desk in tinfoil.

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12. This probably scared a few people.

Scariest office prank ever.

13. That's a big ball.

Office Prank

14. A gift-wrapping prank.

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15. Staples used in pranks are the best.

Good Prank for the Office


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