8-Year-Olds Were Asked About Their Best Life Advice. Here's What They Said.

"Never trade anyone or anything just for money."


In the video above, the folks at BuzzFeed sit down with three adorable 8-year-olds and ask them, "What's an important thing you've learned?" 

They may be young, but they actually have some pretty sound advice. 

One 8-year-old boy thinks being mean to a girl to show you like her is the wrong approach. "That's not the way to get them to like you back," he says. Instead, he thinks you should show respect and kindness. 

One of the girls takes on bullying. "Never tease people because then they're going to think you're jealous of them," she says. Well, that's one way to look at it. 

"You can't tell mom a lie," another girl says. "She's going to find out. Mom always finds out." 

Smart kids.


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