These 10 Alley-Oops Are Worth A Few Extra Looks

Some of these are just stupid.

Few things are more satisfying to the eye than a perfectly executed alley-oop.

Unfortunately, an immaculate alley-oop is not an everyday thing. Fortunately, people have been playing basketball for a long time.

The origins of the alley-oop are disputed widely, but many credit Al and Gerald Tucker, two brothers from Oklahoma Baptist University, for connecting on the first alley-oops ever. Today, the alley-oop has evolved into a useful and majestic scoring play (and, occasionally, just a ridiculous trick shot) that people keep trying to evolve. 

10. The no-look All-Star oop.

9. The shotgun alley-oop.

8. The doggie oop.

7. The over-the-backboard alley-oop.

6. Lob...


4. The rugby alley-oop.

3. The boogie board alley-oop.

2. An amazing, in-game soccer-style alley-oop.

1. The self alley-oop.

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