Bernie Sanders Is A Grouchy 74-Year-Old Politician With Better Game Than You

Use the backboard.

After yesterday's New Hampshire primary win, the Bernie Sanders campaign still has a lot of work to do, but it at least has some momentum. Sanders also has the world's most lovable curmudgeon, Larry David, appearing on SNL regularly to impersonate him, which is leading to a melding of their personalities as strange as it is shockingly beneficial to his image. Now that image is getting perhaps the best PR boost yet thanks to a video of him draining shot after shot on a basketball court after the New Hampshire primary.

OK, maybe the clear political strategy and desire to shake up the way our government runs are more beneficial when it comes to actual voting, but this stuff definitely doesn't hurt. Much like Obama's image among young people has benefitted from his PR team placing him on talk shows, adventure shows, sports shows, and the like, Sanders is getting the same treatment. It makes him look approachable, cool, and, you know, normal. That's a trick Republicans really have trouble figuring out.

In the video, Sanders uses the trusty backboard to sink jumpers over and over again. He might not be able to move like Obama on the court, but his fundamentals are solid. Too solid.

Check it out:

Cover image: Fox News via Twitter

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