Bernie Sanders Stopped Speech, Rushed To Help Man Who Collapsed At Event

What a mensch.

Senator Bernie Sanders was mid-speech at an event on Wednesday in Concord, New Hampshire when there was a sudden loud noise. For a moment, the presidential candidate didn't know what was going on.

Sanders flinched for a second, then turned to see what had happened. When he realized a bystander off camera had collapsed, he went into superhero mode.

With all eyes still on him, the presidential candidate stopped his speech and dashed to the man's side to see if he was OK. Sanders stayed by the man's side until a number of his supporters were able to help him off stage.

Watch the dramatic video — and Sanders' quick reaction — below.

Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders interrupts his press conference to help a man who fainted.

Posted by CNN Politics on Thursday, February 4, 2016

Cover image via Adam Bettcher / Getty Images.


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