Timid Shelter Dog's Reaction To Being Adopted Is Beautifully Over-The-Top

Be still our hearts!

When his new family approached his cage on December 10, Benny the pit bull looked a little nervous.


Although Saving Carson Shelter Dogs, a Facebook page that advocates for pups at a high-kill shelter in Los Angeles, said Benny "captured the hearts of everyone who stopped by his kennel," this time the little guy hung back, seemingly shy.

But then it was as if Benny, who had been living at the shelter for three weeks, realized what was happening. His long-awaited forever family had finally come to take him home.

And he couldn't hold back his excitement.

Benny's adorably over the top reaction to being taken to his new home is going viral, and for good reason. 

According to the American Society for the Prevention Cruelty to Animals, approximately 3.9 million dogs enter American animal shelters annually, but only 1.4 million are adopted. 

Benny's visible joy and affection for his forever family is the perfect reminder that the animals we adopt give us just as much as we give them.

Get involved at your local shelter or bring home your own adorably excitable pup with the help of the ASPCA's resource list. If Benny's any indication, it'll be one of the best decisions you ever make.

(H/T: Cosmopolitan)

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