13 Animals Getting Belly Rubs That Make Everything Feel OK

We are these animals.

Belly rubs are to animals as Beyonce, Nutella, and the moment you realize you still have three more hours of sleep are to humans. They represent an unearthly concentration of joy, and watching animals get belly rubs proves how contagious that joy is. Whether it's a wombat, a hedgehog, or a very tiny pig, watching an animal get a belly rub is probably the most relaxing thing you can do. Here are some hypnotic belly rubs that'll help you power through whatever life throws at you.


1. Perfect hedgehog rub.

2. Tiny fox.

Baby fox belly rub

3. World's most blissful pig.

4. Husky rub.

Husky belly rub

5. Sharks can appreciate it too.

Zebra shark enjoying a belly rub


I want to rub a wombat's belly.

7. Riiiiight there.

Baby seal belly rub

8. It never gets old.

Corgi belly rub

9. At least those reflexes work.

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10. You're not done.

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11. We are this corgi.

Belly rub heaven.

12. Yaaaaay.

Bulldog Belly Rub

13. Never forget the chin.

Cute little belly rub for you on this fine day.


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